Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Truth/Changes

 Greetings! I just want to take a second and say thank you to everyone who has been supporting The Heart Project, checking out the music, and staying up with what's been going on. It really does mean the world to me, i cannot stress that enough. Now that i have gotten over some personal hurdles and made some changes, i wanted to update you guys because this is NOT what some of you might have thought it was going to be anymore so i want to be very clear about what The Heart Project is from this point on. The original idea was me and the music...thats it. A couple lights, a tree, gear, and the music....stripped down, designed to let YOU feel whatever the music makes you feel, nothing else. Just me, a few chords, and the truth. Well, as the possibilities grew, so did the idea. The Heart Project grew into a multimedai art, theatre, dance, and music...thing...that would have been absolutely amazing to pull off, but the truth is...as awesome as that sounded....it diluted the purity of my vison, and i had to take a step back and get back on the ground a little. Using all of that stuff to tell some kind of story would totally negate the point of letting the music do the talking, which is the entire essence of the original idea. So, i came to the decision to TRULY go it alone, and strip The Heart Project back down to its essence. Just me, the music, and a few lights...gotta have a LITTLE bit of a visual element, set a mood, carry some ambience. Laura Shull did an amazing job on the logo, and Mita Beach is a production genius and will still be helping with lighting and web stuff)...but the time came to get back to the roots of what The Heart Project means to me. So, the real good news is that this means i can bring this to the stage ALOT sooner than i orininally thought. Just gotta get all the ducks in a row. I'll have the finished album soon, then it has to be copywritten, registered, duplicated, and into my hands. We'll have the preview party on May 28th (which will be invite only, we have extremely limited space for this one), and then i will be rehearsing religiously and getting ready to start booking for fall if all goes the way i'd like it to!
So there you go, that's everything up to this point. Wanna help? Spread the word, tell your friends, suggest us around on Facebook. In a band? Dig the music? I am open to any and all shows, i'll play on the street if i have to...so if you and your band dig what i'm doing (i'm talking to YOU Atlanta), feel free to contact me anytime about shows. And if you book a venue, i will be in touch soon!
I hope that served to make everything crystal clear and bring everyone up to speed. Keep up the support, without it this is nothing! One day closer.

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