Friday, January 14, 2011


Next weekend i am going into the studio for the first time as a solo artist to record MY OWN music on MY OWN terms, no compromises and no drama. I can't quite describe the feeling, but i can say feels amazing. To finally be doing precisely what i have always wanted to do is such a great feeling, and i'm just ready to get in there and do this. I say "on my own" but i don't want to discount the hard work of the other 2/3 of The Heart Project...Laura Shull and Mita Beach. Laura is my artist/photographer/web designer/etc. and she is an absolutely massive talent. Next time i log in i'll post a link to her personal site so you guys can check out some of her other work, it will blow you away. The photos, logo, artwork, etc. are all her, and she has an uncanny ability to take ideas from my crazy head and turn them into beautiful reality. She's an A+ all the way. Mita is listed on our sites as "the impossible" because he can truly do the impossible, period. Mitas expertise is on the production/theater side of things and most of everything you will see at our shows, events, etc. is his work. He runs an AV/Production company called Pro Meeting Rentals based in Marietta (again, a link is coming) and its pretty much his business to make the impossible happen on a daily basis. I just wanted to make sure i mentioned them because i feel like a dickhead when i say "on my own", cause i'm just the jerk with the guitar. ;)

That said, the music coming out of me right now is the best i have ever made, and its only getting better from here. It's like a switch went off in my head when i decided to go for it, and it broke off, never to be switched back again. Full steam ahead. Maybe it's because i finally let go of the deluded dreams of years past, of playing in a band and being a "rock star". Maybe its because it's taken me this long to figure it out, maybe all my mistakes and bad decisions of the past truly built the knowledge i needed to do this the RIGHT way. Maybe i'm just meant to do this, and no amount of questioning or analyzing will find a good answer, it just IS. Im so proud of where The Heart Project is, and where it's going...again, it is really hard to describe but believe me, i am VERY proud. I am also extremely proud to be able to say that The Heart Project is 100% DIY. No outside help, no bigwigs, no gladhands, just us and the art we make. Do i have goals and aspirations for The Heart Project? Abso-freakin'-lutely, i do. But everything we do, we will do on our own, on our own terms, from the ground up. I am very proud of that, maybe it's the punk rock in my blood.

If you know me you know that music has always been my life, we have just had kind of a f'ed up relationship over the years. I loved being in band, but i think my younger self liked the TRAPPINGS of being in a band more. I just never quite fit in in ANY band i was in, cause i have always had such a clear vision of what i wanted to do, and i guess i compromised it to chase down what i thought was what i wanted. It seems so clear now, but i guess thats usually how it goes when the older and more sober version of yourself looks back on years past. Well, at any more of that shit, no way, not ever. It has taken me a LONG time to get even to this beginning stage of The Heart Project and i am not looking back, only forward. Setting goals, meeting goals, surpassing even my OWN expectations. No limits, no over-thinking, just DOING. Period.

So, thanks for your support, whether it be reading my wordy blogs, Liking our Facebook page, checking out the music, or telling a friend...without you i'm REALLY just a jerk with a guitar, and thats no good to anyone. There is ALOT to come in 2011, and it's no guts no glory for The Heart Project...and we got guts to spare (just check out our photos.)! Glad to have you on board, this weekend our complete first photo shoot will be up and our official website will be fully functional and live! I'll be doing more of these from the studio next weekend. Til then, continua tratando amigos. One day closer.


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